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House Bill 296 - Position Statement

KRS 311.020(8)

The KSRT Board of Directors would like to share critical information affecting the medical imaging and radiation therapy professions in Kentucky.  The mission of the KSRT includes advocating for safe and appropriate use of radiation used in imaging and therapy and influencing health policy in the best interest of Kentuckians.  Last week the ASRT alerted us that an amended bill is currently on the House floor that would change state legislation so that Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) can engage in fluoroscopic procedures and supervise all licensees.  The KSRT has been in communication with the Kentucky Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (KBMIRT) regarding this issue, and we want to share more details of these legislative activities and the KSRT’s position.

First, in October 2015, the Kentucky Board of Nursing approved a change to their scope of practice to include using fluoroscopy equipment and supervising medical imaging technologists.  This change in their scope of practice violates the current Kentucky laws governing the use of fluoroscopic equipment.  House Bill 296 (HB296) relates to APRN and was amended on the House floor last month to include an amendment to KRS Chapter 311B, which governs medical imaging and radiation therapists within the state. This bill, if enacted as currently amended, would change the law to include APRNs in the definition of a licensed practitioner of the healing arts, would exempt them from the RT licensure law, and would allow them to operate radiation-producing equipment or administer ionizing radiation for the purpose of medical imaging or radiation therapy in Kentucky. This bill would also allow them to supervise all licensees in the performance of all procedures.

Second, the KSRT is strongly opposed to this amendment, and we hope that you, as a medical imaging or radiation therapy professional, are equally opposed.  The KBMIRT has investigated and could not find any educational training in the APRN DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) or Masters curricula covering radiation physics, radiobiology, radiation safety, radiation management, and maintenance of documentation verifying successful completion.  It would not be in the best interest of Kentuckians to allow the performance of imaging or therapeutic procedures by those who have no education or training in such procedures.  Nor is it in the best interest of our profession to allow those individuals to supervise medical imaging or radiation therapy professionals.

Third, this amended bill is now under consideration by the Senate Committee on Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations and could be added to their agenda for a vote at any time.  We are asking for your help to prevent this amendment to KRS 311.020(8) from being approved.  Please help us work to protect the integrity of our profession and the health of the citizens of the Commonwealth by contacting your representative and senator and urging them to oppose this amendment



To voice your opposition please call 1-800-372-7181 and reference House Bill 296.  The members of the Senate Committee on Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations are as follows:

·         Sen. John Schickel<> [Chair]

·         Sen. Paul Hornback<> [Vice Chair]

·         Sen. Joe Bowen<>

·         Sen. Tom Buford<>

·         Sen. Julian M. Carroll<>

·         Sen. Denise Harper Angel<>

·         Sen. Jimmy Higdon<>

·         Sen. Ray S. Jones II<>

·         Sen. Christian McDaniel<>


These unfolding events are evidence for the need for strong advocacy for our profession in Kentucky.  The KSRT would like to encourage your membership so that we can be a strong voice for our profession. 

Thank you,

KSRT, Inc. Board of Directors

Below you can find a sample letter for your convenience.

ksrt hb296 sample letter.docx

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